From the President...

I have recently moved to Savannah after spending the past three decades heavily involved in Harvard Club activities in the Pacific Northwest.  I am optimistic and encouraged by the Harvard alums I have met and worked with over the past several months.   Everyone is dedicated and committed to making the Club an open and inviting place to interact with others in the regional Harvard community as well as maintain a link to Cambridge in order to recall the vivid memories of the time we spent living and studying there.


There is much work to do to improve and maximize the Club website along with adding new programs that will hopefully become annual events and draw new participants and members.  I welcome each one of you to get involved with the Club in some way…committee volunteer, alumni interviewer, Prize Book Award presenter, dues paying member, program attendee, leader and so on. 


As we enhance the Club website this fall, be sure to become a regular visitor to see what is happening.  We look forward to your input and involvement as we plan new events for the upcoming year.


Stanley P. Mark


Harvard College Class of 1973


Harvard Business School Class of 1976